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I'm not a professional blogger that gets paid, nor am I a fashion stylist, who has a long list of clients. I am my own blogger bringing you truth to what I like....Oh, it's great to be unique and different...Presenting my own style...Comment on this look. What



Flowers and Feathers

Hello everyone.

It's been awhile.  But I'm loving the flowers and feathers.  This is a classy, sassy, and spicy look. The colors just flow together. However, each piece can be paired with a total different piece of clothing. Always buy pieces that's versatile, and feel confident wearing it. So where are we going with this look? I'll let you decide. So tell me where would you go?

Charlotte Russe, I'm loving these heels. 

Dare To Be Colorful

Are you ready for Spring and Summer? If not, get ready, and add some bright colors to your wardrobe. We've endured enough cold weather.  It's time to show some skin, and look as vibrant as can be. Yes, and one more thing. It's a must to smell amazing every time you walk out the door. Therefore, add the Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Eau de Parfum to your collection. Trust me, you'll thank me later. Styled by yours truly, be sure to follow Nakai's Closet on instagram at nakais_closet.  Let us know how you love this look.  

Where To Get The Look.

Classic Works Every Time

Every man wants and loves a classy woman.

My definition of "classy" is being you, and knowing who you are, having confidence, style, grace, elegance, and presence about yourself. But most of all, knowing where your happiness, & joy comes from. A classy woman will never try to be and do what a man does. She will never challenge a man. A classy woman will let the man be himself, be the protector he was created to be. The classy woman can get upset, but never gets loud. She's very smart, and intelligent, and has ways of getting her point across. 2017 is the year to become that classy woman.

My classy look.


It's all for the people. Make it known, you like my style & love my looks. Be sure to support Nakai's Closet, because we love the people, and love providing all of the eye catching looks, you so love.

Yes, I'm in my personal feelings about this look.  This look speaks volumes about the way she feels, about what she wears. She feels sexy, confident, and ready to mingle. She doesn't want to wear something that may mislead who she is, and how she's represented. But she does want to wear something that makes a statement. Top the look off with gold accessories, and bright red liquid lipstick. Now, imagine you're wearing this look, leave a comment on how it makes you feel. It's about self-love.


Where To Get The Look! 

2017, It's Coming, It Came

Greetings to you all. I typically don't provide elegant, glamorous looks.  However, on this day, I was feeling glamourous, and beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I'm very confident, however, this day I was feeling a little something extra, if you know what I mean. That feeling was all over me. Keep in mind, how you feel on the inside, will radiate externally. So, I decided to put something together. A look, I would wear to a special event, with my special someone. That someone, that when you see them, they smile, and wink at you, grab you around your waist, pull you close, and say, you look amazing. Yes, that special someone. No more about me, but let's get to the look.

Where To Get The Look

Alexander McQueen Gown

Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Transparent Clutch

Vintage Double Halo Diamond Earrings

It's 2017, Happy New Year

This is the year to begin loving yourself. Forget about what happened, what was said, or what you didn't do. Focus on the NOW.....So love you, love what you wear, wear what you love. I'm always adding high end and budget friendly pieces to the wardrobe look. Most go with what everyone else is wearing, or what's trending. I personally feel, you should create and display your own style. We were all created to be different, so why duplicate... I (Nakai's Closet) will not do that. 

I've always said it's about the jean jacket & accessories. Jean jackets have been around for years. So why not, wear them accordingly.  

Where To Get The Look....

Nakai's Closet Box Clutch

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Painted Booties

FairFetch Chiara Ferragni Sweatshirt

Wolf & Badger Fairytale Tulle Skirt  

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

Grab & Go

It's a few days prior to the new year, and I hope you are excited about what 2017 will bring. I just posted this look on instagram (nakais_closet), and facebook (Nakai's Closet); not knowing people would inbox me asking, where can I get this? We all have denim, booties, studded earrings, and fab clutch bags in our closet to get a similar look. Start getting creative, and play around with what works for you, and what you like. Wear what you love, and love what you wear. Grab & Go Dolls.

The Retro Baddie

Some people like fur, jeans, boots, and a bad clutch to match the look. Without further due, here's the retro look I put together. This look is very retro, 70's, but classy, and fashionable. Denim will never go out of style. You ask for denim bags, Nakai's Closet answered the call. Checkout the look.  I can see one of those Kardashian girls rocking this look, or even Rachel Zoe. Hell, I can see myself rocking this...

Get The Look!

Looking Like A Cutie Pie

Yes, I love to keep it simple. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. People tend to overthink what they want to wear, and just over due it. Keep it simple and keep it moving with multi-color bracelets, vintage clutch, boots, sunglasses, a sequins top, crop trousers, and that old jean jacket you've had forever... Get a good look, now see below.

The Best Of The Winter Wear

Fashion Victims This Look Is Calling You...

This look speaks volumes, and tells you a lot about the person. She's edgy, sexy, knows exactly what she wants, and where shes headed. The baddie loves fashion, and more fashion, and accessories. I'm sure she wearing a short, & sassy hair style.


Streetwear, Urbanwear Call It What You Want!

Providing wardrobe styling is what I love to do. Some may call it a hobby, or even say, women just like clothes in general. Well, it may be true, however if you love something, try it, work on your craft, because you never know where it may take you.  

The look for today, is definitely fashion forward, with a relaxed look. This look is for that high school, or college student that wants to stay on point with their fashion style on campus. Fashion is all about self expression. I always say, where what you love, who cares. 

Be sure to interact with us. tell us how you like this look, and would you wear it? 

The Chic Rock Star

It's Fashion Friday, at Nakai's Closet. I wanted to create a rock star look that incorporated sexiness and could be worn a few places. This look can also be worn pass those summer months.  However, this look is definitely ready for those NYFW parties. The heads will turn, the lips will drop, and yes, all eyes are on you. When wearing this look, you have to be confident, and feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you look sexy and can pull off any look with great confidence. Always know you look amazing in anything you were. Leave us know your thoughts about this look by leaving a comment.

Where To Get The Look

Fracomina Pink Ester Jacket -

Dakota Black Suedette Lace-Up Bodysuit -

Women's Hatchet Cut Off Shorts -

Gianvito Rossi Laser Cut Boots -

Saint Laurent Crystal Earrings

Juicy Couture Watch -

Classic Katz Sunglasses -

MAC Aim For Gorgeous Lipstick -



It's Tuesday and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about these Dolce & Gabbana sneakers. They are cute, but for me, I think there maybe too many flowers. I'm sure I could find something to accessorize these sneakers with. But would this sneaker be for those hot summer days, or for the fall?

This designer sneaker comes at a designer price of $875. Would everyone love to wear these because they are designer sneakers or just because they are truly dope with the colors and flowers? Maybe, I actually need to have them in my hand for a close up view. Drop your comment and let me know your true thoughts on these designers sneakers. Have a wonderful day, and continue to check out Nakai's Closet for the latest wardrobe styling blog.

Picture credit: Mytherea


Oh, la la

Every woman wants to dress professionally with a little sexiness with it. This look would be great for a wonderful date night with that special someone. This look can also be appropriate for cocktails after work with coworkers or your future business partners.

Where To Get This Look....Click Below!

Similar Sleeveless Lace top - White River Island White Skirt - Tammy Gold Ankle Strap Sandals - Top Handle Handbag - Right Here At Nakai's Closet Anne Klein Watch and Bracelet Set -

Similar Sleeveless Lace top -

White River Island White Skirt -

Tammy Gold Ankle Strap Sandals -

Top Handle Handbag - Right Here At Nakai's Closet

Anne Klein Watch and Bracelet Set -

Back To School

Calling All Parents......

I know you've shopped until you've dropped to prepare your kids to return to school.  

Send your babies back to school with these cute, emoji lunch bags.  These lunch bags are truly colorful and fashionable....They are available at Target for under $10.00. 

Wardrobe Stylist or Fashion Stylist

Hello luv muffins....So on today, I was thinking wardrobe stylist...

A wardrobe stylist is one who styles a character for a tv show, or movie. For example, Lynn Whitfield who plays Lady Mae GreenLeaf. Her character as a pastor's wife, is amazing. Her words are very selective in how she speaks. She is gracefully dressed, very classy and of high standards. She's so elegantly put together on every episode, and I'm loving it. 

Think about what it takes to style the characters of Greenleaf. You have to know the character, what they portray, their personalities, the setting of events, and style. I'm sure being a wardrobe stylist isn't easy, but if you love what you do, it comes natural. I truly enjoy, and love putting different looks together. One day, I'll be working behind the scenes as a wardrobe stylist on a major television network.

Who's your favorite actor or actress of GreenLeaf?

Pictures are credited to Owntv

Pictures are credited to Owntv

Trending In

Guess what's trending in this closet today. Oh yes, it's this utility style, engineer jumpsuit. Now if you didn't see the entire look, and only seen this olive green, wrinkled jumpsuit, you would probably say, "I'm not sure about that", or if you're into fashion, you would say, " Oh yeah, I can pull that off and make this jumpsuit look hot". I mean, it is hot outside, so why not create a hot blazing look, with a few fab accessories from Nakai's Closet. Top it off with the iconic gold eyeshadow to make those eyes pop, clear lip gloss for the shine, and never leave home without dabbing on some Daisy by Marc Jacobs to smell, oh so good. 

You see it, now go get the look. 

Sunglasses, Handbag, & Leopard Heels - all from Nakai's Closet

Elliott The Engineer Jumpsuit - 

Daisy By Marc Jacobs  -

Bobby Brown Crystal Lip Gloss -

Pom Poms Anyone?

The Pom Pom Sandals are here and they are truly making their mark for summer. At first, I must admit, I didn't like them right away....However, as I continued to see them, I had a second thought. I love these sandals, they give me life. I love the bright, vibrant, fun colors. These sandals are very easy to pair with shorts, skirts, and rompers. This trend is contagious, and I love it. Prices vary for these trendsetting sandals ranging from $33 - $300. 

Where To Get It....

Enjoy your trendsetting summer....

FullSizeRender (32).jpg

Summer Luvin Trends.

I hear you're trying to stay classic, and look trendy during these hot, blazing months.  Staying classic, and looking trendy can be a sexy pair. To get this summer luvin look, all you need is the internet to get these amazing pieces. Every girl should have a romper or two in her closet, high heel sandals, and some amazing accessories to top things off.

Where To Get It....

*Orange print bardot romper

*Tassel wrap heeled sandals

*Fossil chain watch

*Tangerine/Orange clutch Nakai's Closet

*Necklace Nakai's Closet

*High Fashion Eyewear Nakai's Closet

Until the next time, enjoy these "Summer Luvin Trends'.