Don't Need Much To Travel!

Hi there my luv muffins.  This weather has me all confused, but I'm not complaining. The weather is HOT and a girl doesn't need much to travel, especially when it's the spare of the moment.  I personally, don't like to pack, I prefer to shop at a local boutique for some good finds. Nakai's Closet enjoy providing you with styling ideas & pairing our accessories together, to give you the look you've been looking for. So now, pack light and enjoy the ride.

Here's where to get this look!

* Celebrity style glam eyewear -

* Summer ready fuchsia clutch - 

* Grey short sleeve dress -

* These Elina Linardaki Evelyn sandals are amazing. AKA's get your pearls -

* Revlon will keep the lashes long -

* Butter Lipstick anyone -

* Never walk out smelling like nothing try Missoni Eau de Parfum -

I hope you enjoyed the styling idea. Always wear what you love....and support small businesses.