Don't Question Me!

Happy Morning Luv Muffins.

Let's start this week out with a BANG! Never let anyone add interference in your life. 

Now, let's get to this look I created. I love bold, vibrant statement pieces, whether it be a necklace, shoes, or even a blinged out clutch.  This is a simple look, because I started out with a 2 piece all black shell top, and a pencil skirt. From there, I wanted to add something big that would not overpower the overall look.  I wanted the look to be simple, but sexy and classy, with a hint of glam, and colorful. My next step I added this beautiful bold necklace.  This necklace speaks volumes to me. Thereafter, I came across these elegant, glam heels.  These heels are very versatile as other heels are. To top this look off, I believe every woman or man should always spray on a fabulous fragrance. There's nothing like a good smelling man, and I'm sure you men can say the same about us women.  I never leave home without spraying on one of my many fragrances, and adding color to my lips.  

I hope you enjoy this look, and don't forget to leave us a comment to let us know you were here.

Ladies Always Remember To Inspire & Encourage Your Sisters.

Where To Get This Look!

Alexander McQueen Mixed Media Shell Top -

Parallel Lines Skirt -

Hot Laminated Versace Jeans Pump -