It’s summer time!

Time to fire up the grill!

Time for the outdoor dinner parties!

Time for the pool parties!

But most of all it’s time for the Best Summer Cocktails, Fashion Trends, and your Unique Style.

I love trends, however I like to add my own uniqueness to a style as well.  You should never want your outfit to look identical to someone else.  I love maxi dresses because they are so versatile. 

For example: With your maxi dress, add a one button, royal blue blazer, that will accent your waistline, wear those sexy black patent, peep toe heels with an ankle strap, and a bold gold sage necklace. 

It's Friday after work, and you need to get home to prepare for your dinner party by the pool. You want to be more comfortable, and relaxed. No need to change into a different outfit; all you have to do is remove the royal blue blazer, slip off those sexy black patent heels, and take off the necklace.  

You still want to look trendy but comfortable; replace the heels with these chic, colorful, and amazing blue, and red suede open toe ankle strap pumps, add your gold cuff. Now that was quick, and you still look amazing.