Just A Splash

Happy Friday,

How's everyone feeling on this Fashion, Feel Good Friday?  I'm feeling cute and flirty. Let's get right to it. I enjoy putting different pieces together, and you know I love black. But what woman doesn't like black.  This look is all about the black and white, with just a splash of color. How can you get the effect of shorts and a skirt, figure it out. You can actually get to different looks.

Figure it Out......

*White Marc Jacobs Button Up


*Black/White Emma Cook High Waist Shorts


*Black Joseph Clara Leather Pencil Skirt


*Black/White Gwen Stefani Lace Up Sandals


Nakai's Closet Accessories

*Fashionable Round Black Sunglasses

*Vibrant Go To Clutch 

Let your light shine wherever you go.