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Guess what's trending in this closet today. Oh yes, it's this utility style, engineer jumpsuit. Now if you didn't see the entire look, and only seen this olive green, wrinkled jumpsuit, you would probably say, "I'm not sure about that", or if you're into fashion, you would say, " Oh yeah, I can pull that off and make this jumpsuit look hot". I mean, it is hot outside, so why not create a hot blazing look, with a few fab accessories from Nakai's Closet. Top it off with the iconic gold eyeshadow to make those eyes pop, clear lip gloss for the shine, and never leave home without dabbing on some Daisy by Marc Jacobs to smell, oh so good. 

You see it, now go get the look. 

Sunglasses, Handbag, & Leopard Heels - all from Nakai's Closet

Elliott The Engineer Jumpsuit - 

Daisy By Marc Jacobs  -

Bobby Brown Crystal Lip Gloss -