Wardrobe Stylist or Fashion Stylist

Hello luv muffins....So on today, I was thinking wardrobe stylist...

A wardrobe stylist is one who styles a character for a tv show, or movie. For example, Lynn Whitfield who plays Lady Mae GreenLeaf. Her character as a pastor's wife, is amazing. Her words are very selective in how she speaks. She is gracefully dressed, very classy and of high standards. She's so elegantly put together on every episode, and I'm loving it. 

Think about what it takes to style the characters of Greenleaf. You have to know the character, what they portray, their personalities, the setting of events, and style. I'm sure being a wardrobe stylist isn't easy, but if you love what you do, it comes natural. I truly enjoy, and love putting different looks together. One day, I'll be working behind the scenes as a wardrobe stylist on a major television network.

Who's your favorite actor or actress of GreenLeaf?

Pictures are credited to Owntv http://www.greenleafown.tv/

Pictures are credited to Owntv http://www.greenleafown.tv/